Star Destroyer FAQ (STICKY!)

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This is really getting out of hand. There are hundreds of pages on here about how to do this one part in the game and on every page is the exact same answers. Let's clean this up and just put it all on here.


The TIE fighters are brought down easiest with lightning. Time your jumps right to make it easier and when your target is on, use Force lightning and they'll explode, sometimes bringing others down with them. If you fail to take them down, they swing around and come by again, this time swinging the opposite direction so you know where to be aiming.


Aligning the ship isn't that hard once you understand how to do it. Understand that the left thumbstick controls the back/body of the ship while the right controls the nose. While it may look like it wants you to be lifting the nose at all times, it's really best to focus on moving the left in the direction it wants and only move the nose when you can't move the back anymore.

So, move the left stick where it wants and when it gets stuck, lift the nose and pull again.


Now here's where most fail. There are a number of mistakes here. For starters, although the motion is pulling the thumbsticks from up to down, you're only supposed to pull them down once and HOLD them down, the controller should vibrate.

Be aware that it's being pulled down gradually and is very slow so if you think it's not moving: it is.

So you're pulling it down and all of a sudden OH **** the TIE fighters are back. No worries. The amount that you've pulled down WILL NOT CHANGE. Just head back to destroying the TIE fighters, align the ship, and pull down- Rinse and Repeat about 3-4 times and you're done !

Also note: The faster you destroy the TIE fighters the easier it is as the alignment doesn't go as off-course. Once you get the hang of the timing, you should be able to knock off the TIE fighters in about 1-2 swing-by's.
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Actually, I found Gripping the first TIE Fighter and tossing him into the ones behind him to be more effective. 3-4 would explode because of that one explosion, leaving just one.

I can clear those TIE waves in 6-7 seconds.
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Yea but for some reason when i get my second chance to pull down the starship it won't give me the option and just lets me re alighn it again then the ties come back, i killed to ties atleast 50 times in a row and corrected the starship but for sum reason ther's no option to pull it down. I also notices the lighting towers i activated are no longer active and its telling me to reactivate them yet i can't move over to activate them wtf is goin on, Did i catch a glitch or some BS like that i played this part for over a hour, i also died several times on purpose to see if it will let me pull down the starship, but no luck wtf is goin on???
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Yes it sounds like a glitch to me^
However it's been noted that just before the bringing it down part if you lift the nose quickly it lets you bring it down.

And yes gripping also works but it's harder to target and harder to do after the first throw. Therefore i chose lightning as the most effective. Whatever your preference ! =)
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Bumpity bump bump
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Thanks for the guide, I just tried this part for the first time in Sith Master and pulled it down without getting killed even once =D
I hid behind the turrets, double jump + force lightning whenever fighters fly by, and then gripped the destroyer. On the fifth grip it came down.
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No problem ! =)
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