Cheats,sorta...ini editing

#1MastahCowPosted 5/8/2009 5:14:08 PM
Edit gold.ini in game dir. Look for (post my mod)


Armor0 = 6000000000000000
Weapons0 = 2000.5

Armor1 = 3
Weapons1 = 2

Armor2 = 2
Weapons2 = 1

Armor = hull strength
Weapons = Damage per hit

Obviously a HUGE cheat.

Working on money memory cheat, but still in missions. Haven't a shop yet to test with the initial 2000 credits. Think I'm on the final training mission. Past the one where you see the unkown thing on the planet after you crash or whatever.
#26h05tPosted 5/14/2009 2:10:04 AM
well, if i don't wrong, when you already talk to ivanov, you can donor your blood in medic. try scan in there. if not, just finish the training (until get kicked from un army) and search it in warehouse.
hope that help you ^^
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