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all kinds of swearing with wifi..

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7 years ago#1
topic, i mean seriously, i dont know how this is going to work out. especially with wiispeak, will it be able to know every single swear word there theres always gonna be some swear words and i bet my whole life over protective parents that probably swear all the time themselves are gonna get mad at Nintendo. it has already happened before with AC:WW. comment about this.
7 years ago#2
7 years ago#3
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7 years ago#4
I know, how do they expect us rich kids with good parents to manage this crisis!!
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7 years ago#5
Perhaps you can plug headphones into Wiispeak?
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7 years ago#6
Or perhaps you won't invite your non-friends to your town. Riiiiiiiiiiight?
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7 years ago#7
it's not like it'll be that bad even if they do swear a little.. not like they'll be yellin that much at animal crossing and if they do just give em the boot

7 years ago#8
"I an' I got 'nuff guns ya know, my youth."
7 years ago#9
Here's a better idea, get yourself a giant plastic bubble and encase yourself in it. Not only will it protect you from the dangers of the virtual world, but it'll also protect you from all the swearing that happens everywhere else.
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7 years ago#10
oh forget about it, you guys arent taking this seriously. myself, i dont care about the swearing. but other goody goody parents will. lol.
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