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User Info: Guess2400

7 years ago#1
I am not sure if the size of the bug matter or if the point value are the same for a bug across the board....

Honey Bee -- 32 points
Fruits Beetle -- 33 Points
Evening Cicada -- 23 Points
Walking Stick -- 64 points
Brown Cicada -- 5 points
Miyama Stag -- 60 points
Peacock -- 47 points
Emperor Butterfly -- 78 points
Walker Cicada -- 13 points
Darner Dragonfly -- 41 points
Dynastid Beetle -- 56 points
Mantis -- 51 points
Agrias Butterfly -- 71 points
Atlas Beetle -- 94 points
Elephant Beetle -- 80 points
Giant Beetle -- 76 points

The Giant beetle being less than emperor butterfly......something is not right.....

Oh well...here is my list

User Info: Justinsrival

7 years ago#2
It changes depending on the bug you catch.

I caught 3 different Cicada, some were worth 4 points and one was worth 17. I also caught 2 Jewel beetles, one was 56 and the other is 70 (which I am in the lead with). I think each bug has a range of values it can be.
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User Info: Mario72895

7 years ago#3
Golden Stag-107 :} i took the lead :P
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User Info: yoshiman9

7 years ago#4
oak silk moth is worth 93
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User Info: Kureejii Lea

Kureejii Lea
7 years ago#5
And birdwing is worth 98 IIRC...
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User Info: stinkbugger

7 years ago#6
I got 99 points for my cyclommatus.

And un-related, I just donated the Mona Lisa to the museum. Maybe I should have hidden it in my basement...

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User Info: 4malade689

7 years ago#7

GavemyOak Silk Moth to him for 91 points
My brother got 61 points for a Myami Stag beetle and when my friend was over she got 96 points for an Atlas beetle she caught last night.

User Info: snot2

7 years ago#8
scorpion and tarantula only get around 75 points
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User Info: Majin Jekku

Majin Jekku
7 years ago#9
My emperor butterfly scored 88 points.

User Info: FullMetalPanic

7 years ago#10
My tarantula scored 63 points, banded dragon fly scored 69, and finally my golden stag scored 118 points. Never imagined tarantula would score soo low...
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