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Greetings and Catchphrases?

#1bluedove3Posted 9/13/2011 6:16:34 AM
Is there a handy list of ideas for these anywhere? I'm beginning to dread being asked for these by my neighbors. My 10yo son plays with me, so they would need to be PG...

I've about run out of southern style references (like darlin' and Sugarplum), now I'm having to throw out things like "Zoinks" and "Pip, pip, cheerio"... It would be so nice if there was a page I could bookmark when I get waylaid with one of these requests!
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#2katysuPosted 9/13/2011 7:58:37 AM(edited)
I just googled 'catch phrases' & 'greetings'; sites detailing slang, cockney slang (I'm in UK), and you get a lot of sites
- and I just chose a few & went thru for ideas.
I have used French & Japanese phrases in the past; but I liked Aussie ones best: fair dinkum, G'day mate - you can google those as well.

I wrote them down too, but unless I remember them, I tend not to look thru the list.

I sometimes use rather cruel catchphrases related to the animal - dogs (woof woof, got fleas) chicken (pluck feathers, KFC forever), pig (sausages, sizzling rashers, barbie fever), cats (hissy kitty), sheep (pully over, Botnay Bay, jumpers), crankies (I need a hug, kiss me quick), that sort of thing.

Edit:I've never seen a list as such for this game, but every so often you get threads where players put up their ideas (hopefully you get some on this one).

I hadn't thought of using US ones - so you have given me a new area to search out.
#3PresidentPandaPosted 9/14/2011 7:25:15 AM
Well since you said PG, that kind of narrows it down a bit. I've made my neighbors say stuff like "Gimme UR wallet!" and "Gimme UR money!" It's hilarious. Of course you could make them say something like " 'Sup home-slice?" or " 'Sup homey?"

For catchphrases, you could try something like "Father", "my lord", "my king", etc.
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#4bluedove3(Topic Creator)Posted 9/14/2011 8:48:48 AM
LOL! I actually considered doing "fo'shi**le" once... but then I would have to explain it to my kiddo if it caught on. Plus I'd probably be embarrassed by it if people came to my town and it was everywhere. *facepalm*.

I go animal appropriate sometimes too... Like Prince will say "Knee-Deep, blah blah blah, tadpole."
Or he WOULD if they didn't catch and spread to the others... it was really odd when Dora the mouse and Pecan the squirrel picked up Tom the cat's "me-YOWZA"! >_<

So now I try to keep them pretty generic and non-gender specific so that they work well enough for all the chars. It's just a bit off when one of the male villagers calls my son "sugar", lol!
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#5PresidentPandaPosted 9/14/2011 6:22:44 PM
^Yeah, I've got a male character and I had one of the female characters refer to me as "my love." Eventually Lobo (Cranky old male) and either Pudge or Nate (Food obsessed male) picked up on that. XD!
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