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Does the gate determine what the houses look like?

#1nintendoggerPosted 6/25/2012 8:57:42 PM
I just noticed that all my houses kinda look like my gate, and my friend whose town has the same gate as mine also has the same houses...
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#2katysuPosted 6/25/2012 11:08:04 PM
There are several different house styles.

Each town has two different house styles.
Some house styles are general over all region games and some are particular to your region.

The general cocensus is that the house style does not relate particularly to your gate, but ... some house styles certainly do echo each of the 3 gates.

This is the best guide I've found - the creator is suggesting you use the updated photo links on page 2:

There is also some info on the wiki

Going by the ac community guide using her 2nd page photos:

My first town has stone houses (all regions) and log cabins (Europe only).

My 2nd newer town has stone houses and planked houses, both all regions.

They are all made slighlty different by roof style & colour.

Can't remember if this guide mentions it or not but Eero noticed that certain breeds of animals had the same house shape - got far to complicated and detailed for me, so I gave up.
Shows you how much detail the programmers did add if you dig deep enough.