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This is the game id buy if i could only buy one more this year (Archived)Zorack6447/16/2008
Wii speak (Archived)ramenudon11727/16/2008
Midnight Release (Archived)
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controller schemes??? (Archived)pokepwn57/16/2008
so whats new in this game? (Archived)dbz_element87/16/2008
Do you think holidays will still be there when you play online? (Archived)Jak1367/16/2008
To the people saying the city should be a hub for WiFi (Archived)necroman131397/16/2008
Custom Background Music (Archived)Dashboardcon47/16/2008
Tom Nook is an evil capitalist psychopath. Not even joking (Archived)
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Countdown topic for Animal Crossing Wii (Archived)
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But... this is Nintendo. (Archived)Scortchedv2107/16/2008
how big do you think the city is? (Archived)hevendor467/16/2008
Animal Crossing City Folk could be much better. (Archived)
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The thing about Animal Crossing.... (Archived)quittaboi7817/16/2008
Move a character from AC:WW to AC:CF?? (Archived)gurgitoy267/16/2008
What kind of new furniture do you want? (Archived)
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I still have Wild World. Do I get any bonuses for City Folk? (Archived)TostitosTheHero37/16/2008
Core gamers (Archived)
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Which holidays do you hope get in? (Archived)nickythenewt2187/16/2008
Did they take out the damn weeds? (Archived)
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