God, I love To-Love-Ru *nosebleed*

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User Info: FFandMMfan

9 years ago#1
Kentaro is such a pervert >_>
Yami needs to be playable in the next game... for many reasons >_>
I wonder if her jump would include a panty shot....
... *nosebleed*
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User Info: legendxkillerx

9 years ago#2
I thought that character looked suspiciously familiar. Good old Kentaro.
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User Info: MasterTurtle

9 years ago#3
Yami is already in the game >_>

If anyone is battle, it should be Lala.
When he's in his underwear, he's pretty awesome. -Yamamoto (concerning Tsuna)

User Info: POkemon_PoWeR

9 years ago#4
Lol, This reminds me off Buso Renkin when Tokiko snuck into Kazuki's room and found the "Big Sister" Magazine
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User Info: streak20022

9 years ago#5
>__> She's Eve with a different name and in a different story.

Therefore she's here already, did you get a nosebleed from that scene? *sigh*
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  3. God, I love To-Love-Ru *nosebleed*

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