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6 years ago#121
Brawl fc:5456-0024-7716 name:Juan
Member of the Last Brawlers Clan
6 years ago#122
Thanks to denial, I'm immortal! -Fry
BUMP is so over-rated
6 years ago#124
Sad to see the JUS Community is dying/pretty much dead.
Video Games? Call me "Tatsubei!"
JUS FC - 1291-2838-2691, Msg me on AIM for a game: Tatsubei Yagyu
6 years ago#125
JUS FC: 3094-5558-4802
6 years ago#126
JUS Fc:1720-7678-5024 Name:Kyo K.GF or Rock Howard
Geese Howard:What?! There's no *hums song* on my sandwich?!EAT THIS, MCDONALD!!! REPUUKEN!!!!!
6 years ago#127
ah I just got this but sad too hear trunks is uber, so I'll be fair and remove him in wifi random fights. lol

Any-who Bump
1634 6696 3030 Mexar
Can now Clone,Rare candy
I want a 3rd game :(. Hopefully they will see potential with the 3DS. Alas, I believe we will never see it though. Sad day for the JUMP Universe in gaming.
PSN: MaDogNik96
LBP.me: http://lbp.me/u/MaDogNik96
5 years ago#129
Bump (-__-'')
Why is this being bumped when it's already sticky? <_< That doesn't do anything.
I don't know what to believe anymore...it's as if my life were entirely fictional and any resemblance to actual persons or events was purely coincidental!
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