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User Info: SONIC_305

8 years ago#41
JUS fc: 1461-8887-6025 Rock Howard or Kyo K. GF
Brawl Fc:5456-0024-7716 Name: Juan SONIC RU!!!!!!!!

User Info: HammerBroLuigi

8 years ago#42
JUS FC: 1590-8346-9119 BOHAHAHAHA!!

User Info: TheBoss10987

8 years ago#43
Karma Post. I mean "what?" <_<... >_>...
What do you get when you put a ninja and an assassin together? Two people trying to do it from behind!

User Info: ThatGuySour

8 years ago#44
Great job TC - and first FAQ creator
If you can read this, thank a teacher.

User Info: prOAPC

8 years ago#45
- A P C - 2921 5450 7616
youtube account http://www.youtube.com/user/prOAPC JUS and SSBB videos in Videos and Favorites
I found a more effective variation of the ZeRo combo. Just do around 30 damage prior, or a simple B, >B, X combo...

^B, ^Y, aerial+B, aerial+Y, ^X, fast fall, ^B, ^X, fast fall, ^B, ^Y, aerial+B, aerial+Y, X, *opponent hits wall*, ^B, ^Y, aerial+B, aerial+Y.

That last aerial+Y will end the combo at the 152 damage mark, meaning they'll fall down so you can't finish with Kenshin's X special. It takes a little more timing than the original ZeRo combo, but it saves you 1 bar of SP =3
How can you disappoint one who has no expectations? Sakurai's mind is clearly far above our level of thinking. - DragonBlade
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: asdfghjklzzzz

8 years ago#48
Sorry for the way noob question, but how do I find my FC? While I'm at it, how do you host matches compared to playing random because I think I'm through with random; way too many hackers, gem farmers, and big 3 users.

User Info: asdfghjklzzzz

8 years ago#49
nvm, I figured it out, sorry

User Info: WreKkonize

8 years ago#50
DS name - [eP]WreKk JUS:5456 2350 3223
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