1 vs 1

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Rats I missed you
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Wot said
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Can't believe it's still going. I got PS Allstars Battle Royale.

Bad news is I don't play it.
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I used to absolutely rule this game. After sonic left, I defended the Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama titles for nearly a year before choosing to drop them once Brawl came out. The time the two Sasuke glitchers came after me for 90 seconds, invincible, and I survived and kicked them down in Sudden Death...I'll never forget that amazing match. They were awful, but they used a terrible glitch.

Or the number of times I would send someone off stage, and when they come back, ran into a Vegeta guard break.


Yusuke Spirit Juggle. This was my patented, "I won't let you die and ring yourself out while I have fun trolling you with multiple Spirit Gun blasts."

DBCGing fuzzy. This usually got me killed afterwards.

Rising the ranks of the Team Urameshi club, leaving myself below only Nashun and son1c.

I think the only three people that I truly could not put down were son1cwildfire, Kung Fu Phil, and DuoDuel. These guys were awesome, and at the very top of my game, put on some of the most amazing matches of all time.

Yeah, those were the days...
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Spirit gun my dirty dishes
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This person on Wifi keeps on spamming Mashirito.
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OniIchimaru posted...
This person on Wifi keeps on spamming Mashirito.

What person?