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3 years ago#291
Really? Only a few people in online?
I still remember going online with friends at the same time and getting matched in a random online lobby with them.

Now that's probably so easy to do
3 years ago#292
I have bad connection though.
"If I become the most popular author in Jump, give me the right to end one manga I don't like."
3 years ago#293
so....who is the best character. taukobo or dio?
pokemon x/y fc 0688-5312-0724 friend safari psychic:abra, natu, espurr
3 years ago#294
Hi, let's play
power of friendship one shots everything. - DarkHeroZX
3 years ago#295
power of friendship one shots everything. - DarkHeroZX
3 years ago#296
3 years ago#297
jump do you want play with me?im only available on weekends.
my name in JUS:Retro Kami
guys let play with me \o/
3 years ago#298
Fungi what happened to bunny?
I can't even contact him on psn
3 years ago#299
People still play this? :0.
3 years ago#300
if you want to play with me , tell me now :D

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