1 vs 1

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2 years ago#311
2 years ago#312
Catilage isn't working
2 years ago#313
Anyone playing?
2 years ago#314
This game is good
2 years ago#315
Buuuump. Wish my DS worked with my wifi so I could play this again...
Brethren before wenches.
2 years ago#316
Hello tc
2 years ago#317
No no! Nintendo shutting down :(
2 years ago#318
want some 1vs1 anyone?
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2 years ago#319
"Freddie Mercury is a sex machiiiiiine ready to relooooooad, like an atom bomb, he's about to wooooahhh wooooahhhh wooooahhhh EXPLODE." - bluerain
2 years ago#320
zarking_photon, you here?
Brawl FC: 2363-5325-2092
JUS FC: 4382-0358-0033

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