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4 years ago#1
Has anyone else heard of the game Project Versus J? Sounds like it could be a possible sequel? Or maybe a new game on another console
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4 years ago#2
Yes, we made a thread for it a few days ago but it was deleted. Regardless, here is the official website where more news is supposed to be coming in starting on the 17th.

I'm leaving for Japan that same day for a few weeks, but when I can I'll look into translating as much as the info as I can and posting it here as it becomes available.
Just because something is inexplicted, doesn't mean its inexplicable.
4 years ago#3
off topic b7
4 years ago#4
Just realized I never posted the link:

I know it's off topic, but it's a potential sequel, and I think it's important to let as many people know here so that they can be informed about a series that they really love. I'd want the same if it were me.
Just because something is inexplicted, doesn't mean its inexplicable.
4 years ago#5
First screenshots:
4 years ago#6
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4 years ago#7
Official Mao of Disgaea 4 Board!
4 years ago#8
Finally, I been waiting for something like this for years ;__;

I hope the game has a decent online at least and Seiya as a playable character.
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4 years ago#9

Thank you for the info, people of the board.
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4 years ago#10
Well, the let down has already come. We wait 6-7 years for this?

It isn't a Smash Bros type game, it's going to be more akin to Tekken Tag. Also, it's for Sony consoles- yawn, but at least they're region free. And then at the same time, it's obviously not a sequel- so the amount of characters that will probably appear in this game as fighting characters has just shrunk from around 120 to 20.

Seriously? Yawn.

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