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I imported this game from Japan, I finished it and decided to use an action replay to get the 80 jump slots and some prototype characters. Once i added the codes I played the game for about 30 minutes and then the game just freezes. I thought maybe I bumped the game so I restarted it. I reboot the game and see the intro and title screen, I click start at the title screen and then... black screen. I tried this with different DS's (DS, DSI, 3DS) same result. I really do not want to buy another copy after all the work I put into JUS please. If anybody knows how to fix it please help. Maybe if I can delete the file at the title screen I can start the game. is there a way to delete a save at the title screen
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it is not the action replay either I just tried it with another game and all the cheats worked on it... so I have no idea what is going on
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Good old lucky you, I've created a custom action-replay code just for your problem :)
Just enable this code:
021E5FC4 00000009

Will delete your save file before even the intro screen.

Let me know if there is any problems with the code working on your DS :D

Enjoy (Gotta love Jump Ultimate Stars)
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Just made a mistake.

The following code is what you should enable in the action replay:

021E3B92 00000001
021E5FC4 00000009

Once you start the game, you'll notice a window popping up, disable the cheat in real-time at that point, then proceed as normal.

Hope that helped !
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thank you so much it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My pleasure =]
Enjoy your time with JUS !