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Roster for sequel. (Archived)
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Project Versus J (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
I didn't even know this existed. (Archived)gameghy555512/13/2012
Fight 1vs1 (Archived)NovaZ31112/13/2012
To anyone who remembers me (Archived)darthmitten1012/13/2012
Gonna need to train here and... (Archived)fallenangemon0312/7/2012
even if this board is dead we now must reach ganbarion (Archived)
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People still play this? (Archived)Orchidden311/22/2012
I know this board is dead and all..but anyone wanna battle?! (Archived)PirateKing290111/19/2012
Jump Ultimate Stars All Specials & All Ally Boosts (Archived)Kfresh08111/14/2012
Jump Ultimate Stars simple combos (Archived)SomeoneF511/13/2012
fan video - creation of new koma (Archived)Tilak511/11/2012
Use Deck Code: Use decks you haven't unlocked yet (Archived)DeltaInferno411/10/2012
request: Support Video Guide by Ultimate Sacred Clan (Archived)prOAPC311/8/2012
Top ten again (Archived)
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Shankes opening constellation image (Archived)DeltaInferno211/5/2012
this is a fight game not a take it easy on me game (Archived)ninja1357911/4/2012
Anyone able to tell me the music composer? (Archived)VileBlade111/3/2012
Are they never going to make another sequel for this game? (Archived)deathpapaya210/30/2012
Eve is top tier knowledge character you noobs, (Archived)dragonsoldier1010/24/2012
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