Gamepad Support?

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8 years ago#1
Does this game allow you to use a controller such as the Xbox 360 Controller?

Or do you have to emulate it using special software..
8 years ago#2
well, it's a GFW game and all those "should" support gamepads.
8 years ago#3

i would not use a game pad on this game ,trust me

8 years ago#4
traykey1 posted...

i would not use a game pad on this game ,trust me

Why not?

8 years ago#5
not my sort of thing,i dont think there are enough buttons on the controller to configure for it to work well.
8 years ago#6
I can confirm from a friend that it does not support any form of gamepad.

Might have to wait for the PS3/360 Version...

Or, I might just opt to buy it on steam.
8 years ago#7
According to the Mods in the Official Forums. Gamepad Support will come in a future patch.
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