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8 years ago#1
im having problems installing the deamon cd emulator which would allow me to install the game which i bought from a seller on ebay, if you guys know where i can get the main cd for the game i would appreciate it.
8 years ago#2
I bought a cd from a guy that needed to be extracted and who knows what else, from ebay and said F THIS!! And bought one that was an easy one click install, and was like in bliss.
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8 years ago#3
where did you find it? what os are you using xp or vista?
8 years ago#4
Most of the Japan games only work on XP not sure why just what was told. I found it on ebay, but look under sexy beach 3 and find someone that states in the description, that he has rapelay one click install w/ all patches. Hope this helps........ If not I guess i could copy one and sell you.
GT- oo EL GUAPO oo PSN- Stylee
8 years ago#5
im going to wait till the sp1 for vista lets me install languages again, if that dont work i'll take you up on that offer
8 years ago#6
You were shafted man. Game is free at.........................
8 years ago#7
really want to know where rapelay is free at
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