My Gagharv Trilogy Playthrough - SPOILER FOR ALL LOH TITLES

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Welcome to the new section of my playthrough: "SotO's Tuning Fork Fiesta", abbreviated as STFF!

Okay, so I found the first Tuning Fork. And well....I loaded my AToV and PotMW save files....then looked at my History entries...

Remember when I theorized about Ortega being Michel in disguise? Turns out I was right, according to the History entries. So, I take that Michel created the new magic system of Tirasweel (Kand+Chapel) with El Phildin's system (Black+White) as basis? I remember him talking with Elenoa about it. Michel/Elenoa confirmed? LOL now where's my Thomas/Archem, Falcom? <- obvious sarcasm is obvious.
So, PotMW lasts about three months? Why didn't they tell how long AToV's story is?

Oh my, the grinding is so much fun! I only have Julio and Chris available now, but they're more fun than their original selves back then. Well, they have no Skills, but they hit harder even without weapons.
And why are there only three mobs in the first scenario? I want moar :(.

Anyone have a complete guide about how to recruit everyone? I know that Rutice has hair-pulling requirements in order to make her appear, and SotO cast joins automatically.

I already planned these following parties, btw:
- probably my main team: Forte, Una, Thomas, Archem, Lodi, Stella
- Forte, Palman, Shirla, Rael, Lucias, Aria
- team "Freakin' Clones": Forte, AToV Mile, Silver-haired Mile (if he's in), SotO Mile, Roule, Thomas
- Forte, Joanna, SotO Avin, Rutice, Rachel, Muse
- team Oldies: Forte, McBain, Morrison, Roule, Gawaine, Durzel
- team Popular: Forte, AToV Mile, Chris, Rutice, Archem, Michel
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Oh my. OH MY.

I just found a hilarious Let's Play of AToV.

Love his reactions thorough episode 15 and 16.

Oh and SotO progress:

Okay, one lesson learned: fangirls are the scariest creature ever. Just like Julia's fangirls, Forte's fangirls are quite brutal, but still "honest". Pickpockets raiding you when your idol is showing his "charisma"? Kick their asses!

MacBain being MacBain as usual. Una is jelly.

Again with Leone's creations. Just what is his ties to Blue Tribe? Why do he knows them so much?

STFF #2:
Nothing new, nothing new...
But I think I've got almost all of Julio's orb.
And I just figured out what those books are for. Free S-Craft, er, Finishing Move FTW. Waiting if there's Archem's one, which is VERY useful against annoying mobs IMO.
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me
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Sega Saturn redesign....KILL 'EM WITH FIRE! Well, except Chris', which was actually quite decent. But still...
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me
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SotO progress~

Everyone is so chatty about passport thieves. Foreshadowing? Maybe.
But oh wait, my husbando is mentioned~. He's a pirate now? Whatever, as long as he's on the good side and still kicking asses~.

And they're right. A not-so-mysterious man gives MacBain co. chili peppers. Of course it's hot! And well, our passports go missing. Time to find 'em!

No one even give us a clue -_-". But hey, it's the thief! Let's chase 'em! And yet another easy-peasy boss fight.....

What kind of a ship's name was that!? Of course everyone will have stomachache! Er, I mean seasick. But luckily our beloved Chekov's Gun aka chili peppers save us from a demise known as seasickness.
Oh and dat ship music from PotMW returns!

Geez, people in this town (Trim) are so cautious. They need to watch Suite Precure just because music hatin' is ABSOLUTELY UNFORGIVEABLE!

Shao and Rachel to the rescue~! Now just join our party and find the goddamn stone!
Oh hey, Meritos Group. Any organization revolving around our job is gotta be important, that's what Kiseki games taught me.

The trip is so long and so many branching paths! Is this the "theme" of the current's stone? Probably. Oh and hey, there's an invisible monster! Yeah, that too is the "theme".

Whatever you say, monument. We gotta follow snkupo's walkthrough like a boss here. And right, "Mind Eye" indeed. We gotta mind our sight and reveal invisible monsters with the eyes of our mind!

But now we must open the citizen's music hating hearts! But how? Using the partiture engraved on the stone and Bruce's skill on composing music, of course!
Unfortunately, their hearts has been corrupted by Noise of Ev- oops, wrong series. But still, we need to show off our hard work! Oh hey, that kid we saved earlier. Thanks for being our only audiences, together with your two friends!
MacBain's right. As long as there's people who appreciate us, we can go on no matter how bad our reputation is!

Oh and I forgot to say that Rachel-Jan relationship is hilarious. Especially because of her cookies. No, that's not an innuendo.

Again with branching paths. I don't understand this region's obsession over it. Now with hidden paths!

Aha! Found ya, Tuning Fork! Aand that's where our adventure ends for now~.

STFF #3:
Character(s) found: Alf, Lodi, and Martie. Dunno if Muse is already there.

Oh hey, they fixed AToV's spell incantations! And I don't know if this was already there in AToV, but Martie has unique attack animations now.

New scenario: Eimelle's kidnapping boat-chase vaganza! And thanks to some Charms I stole from some monsters from the previous scenario, this scenario becomes a farming spot. But those bandits still give me nightmares (-v-)".

My man Lodi, I will train you to become a part of my main team~.

And that's where my playthrough ends now! See you next time~!
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STFF #4:
- character(s) found: Conrad
- d'aww, they fixed Martie's "My skill as adventurer is an OK!" to "I have skills as an adventurer!"
- when did the tune in Sonomemory 3 plays in PotMW? I never heard it before.
- I wish they didn't erase the skills of PotMW characters (;_;).

Aside from Avin-Estelle and Elie-Chris, which characters from Gagharv and Trails/Kiseki would make good friends? I'd say....
Douglas-Agate - they can discuss about Bracer/Adventurer stuffs and also the 'obstacles' to pursue their crush.
Dudley-Gawaine - both can do MOTHAF**KER JUSTICE HAMMER. TOGETHER. And also discussing their tsundere feelings.
Tita-Aida - they can build the ultimate robot-doll mashup for Renne, since her Pater-Mater is broken.
Una-Olivier - one of official artworks encouraged this. No, really. Also, Una can be a mini-Schera for him LOL.
Martie-Mueller - oh the sufferings of a royal's personal guards. No one can understand more than these two.
Thomas-Lechter - GAMBLE GAMBLE GAMBLE with a dash of identity-hiding tips.
Shirla-Goose-Josette - they can lament on how their attempts on thievery ended up badly LOL.
Michel-Cassius - chessmaster meet chessmaster equals? Logic bomb.
Loli!Gueld-KeA-Shizuku - lolis doing loli stuffs. But don't make them cry, or else....
Madram-Kevin - there'll be an interesting religion debate between those two....
Filly-Cecil-Riz - they can talk about medicine and medical stuffs.
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me
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Oh and dat ship music from PotMW returns!

This one?

Fun fact, it originally came from Cagesong; While I can complain about their treatment of IV and V, I can't find too much wrong with their remake of III. They cribbed a lot of really good songs from arrange albums and other games, they left the battle system alone and you get nicer graphics and sweet new character art as a bonus. Pity they couldn't resist the urge to tinker with the following games.

- I wish they didn't erase the skills of PotMW characters (;_;).

Yeah, they didn't actually have skills originally, those were added for the overseas release. Not sure why they didn't add them into V when they already were willing to go to the effort to rework the battle system in the localized version of III but by now I think it's beyond established that Bandai just didn't give a ****.

Tita-Aida - they can build the ultimate robot-doll mashup

Actually, I can so see that happening in a future Kiseki game (well, minus the involvement of Gagharv characters). How will Tita react to no longer needing the Orbal Gear to face up to Renne? Probably by making Renne a replacement mecha because that's what friends are for
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Hm? Do they also have Finishing Moves to begin with? The PotMW characters, I mean.

And speaking of Finishing Moves, I noticed that the heroes and heroines (or "heroine" in Mile's case) are the only ones who have two of them. Why not spread them to everyone else and up to three like in Kiseki games? ;_;.

Speaking of which, Ao should have the swapping members feature like in SotO, or control all six of them (like the original PC version of SotO) with the remaining two becomes Support Members. I mean, the reserved members are rotting on the background and I feel bad for Noel and Dudley.

I also read that SotO!Michel has El Phildin's magic. Isn't it inappropriate considering that most likely he's already developing the spells from PotMW? Him, Thomas, and SotO!Avin only have low-level Black Magic. I wish at least Thomas gets access to Flare Ghost, Death Quake, and Reincarnation, considering he's a part of the final party.

And am I the only one that wants to erase Avin and Mile from SotO (though they still can be referenced by Michel), and then replaces them with Jan and Rouca? Not only the party's composition becomes a Call Forward to Zero (4 members from beginning to the end + 2 extra helps who came from another region), but also it's Rouca's chance to shine. As for his fighting style, he'll be a carbon copy of his sister, down to the magic selections and Finishing Move. Because hey, we need another throwing knives users here!

As for Tita-Aida-Renne, they can fangirling over Doll Knight books together.
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me
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SotO progress:
- currently chasing a kid named Shuber to Hilltop Tavern. Because of mandatory Forte for STFF, he ended up 2 levels above everyone else orz (Forte's 12, everyone else's 10, but MacBain's 11)

- continuing where I left off, Viento has some nice BGM methinks.

- aargh why we can't perform!? I know it's obvious why, and I want to kick Swing Gang's asses for this.
And now I'm getting suspicious of Shao and Rachel. Mostly Shao.

- LOL @ Forte and Jan being forgotten. And Jan being treated like Scooby-Doo. And Rachel doing badly at sewing. And how Shao thinks he's handsome. But, d'aww @ Rick

- we thought of the same thing, right Forte? We must kick Swing Gang's asses!

Okay, now we're arrived at Aquaharp Cave. And according to our map, there's a Resonance Stone here. But we need Una to come back first because I equipped Mind's Eye on her.
Oh you Forte, still thinking Una is just your childhood friend. What is it with Legend of Heroes series and oblivious main characters!? Well, at least Jurio and Kevin are smart enough to realize it sooner than the rest.

- eh? What a silly underling they have -_-. Oh! OH! RATS TO DA REZQUE! First there's Jiron or whatever his name is who got a pepper karma, now the Swing Gang gets enough cheese on their bags for being attacked by dozens of rats....sorry I'm terrible at puns.
What's up with the bandits on this game!? Syamseal Gang and Wildcat Bandits are disappointed on you from the STFF world LOL.
This scene reminds me of when Julia's fangirls stomping the castle guards LOL.

- okay now that we have Una back let's find the Resonance Stone! And what's the connection between water and dissonances? I thought the 'water' theme of this stone is about the desert rats and starvation! Oh well, I just hate the Phantom mobs. And yay for the first offensive spell!

- yadda yadda yadda where's mah reward oh well now we have Fred 3.

- Forte and MacBain both have terrible naming sense. Poor Rick for being confused :p. Is MacBain referenced a king from real life history, the one of which Gregorian calendar took the name from? Oh wait, how Forte managed to come up with "Pokotaro"!?
And sure Rick is adorable in the portraits <3.

- Forte, that's so romantic even if you don't realize how the person you're talking with feels about you. Eh? The Resonance Stone in Kantus is missing? Let's find out!

- and here we have a repeat of Rael-Elenoa scene from AToV. Now with more spicy pepper bags. No portraits? Not important enough, but still.
So, the kid's name is Shuber and he's famous for his pranks. But actually he's talented at playing piano.
Leone again. Just how many things he'd done before going to Another World!?

- why this scene reminds me of any anime about music school? Oh and btw, I like the ensemble version of Leone's Etude more. Sorry Shuber.
And let's TALK TO EVERYONE! Got Doll Knight 4 from an old man. And hey, another real life history references! This time it's Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

- aww Shuber, I pity you. Those dastardly Swing Gang...! And you Professor, you don't have right to judge Shuber like that!
Anyhow, now that Shuber runs away, we must chase him! To the signpost!

- let's go through 1200 milos worth of aggresive boars, bears, and crabs. Oh and hey, a Tuning Fork! Let's go into STFF section now~.

STFF #5:
Characters obtained - none, sadly :(.
Chris' Orbs are all obtained, at last!
Oh hey, Shao and Rachel are still here!
Let's grind for elemental Charms for power-leveling! And this is why Forte, Chris and Lodi are overpowered from the rest.

Btw, I found a Japanese fansite of Gagharv Trilogy.
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me
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I have a question regarding the translation. How bad is it really? my tolerence for crappy scripts tends to be pretty high reading a lot of stuff on the web and i was able to play through phantasia GBA with out to to much trouble so knowing would they still even be remotely playable?
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helldew posted...
I have a question regarding the translation. How bad is it really? my tolerence for crappy scripts tends to be pretty high reading a lot of stuff on the web and i was able to play through phantasia GBA with out to to much trouble so knowing would they still even be remotely playable?

There's spelling and grammar errors here and there, but it's legible for the most part. I would personally recommend it if you're in the mood for some older school JRPGs.
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