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VeghEsther posted...
That depends I can play games for over 10 hours in 1 day so I'd rather play Ao No Kiseki (and Zero) on the PSP only.

Dang, where can I apply?
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Well considering I only work from 10 to 1 PM I still have plenty of hours left in the day to play games its just that I find games easier to play on the Vita/PSP.

Especially since I don't a actually controller that's similar to the SNES one to actually play PC games on.
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kern posted...
but the PC version can also be sped up like an emulator

That feature is in the PSP version too. In the Sora series it only skips through the dialogue quickly, but for Zero and Ao they made it speed up everything; I never tried it in battle though.

Well, it was activated using left-shift, which wasn't configurable (You could bind a key to any of the psp buttons), and worked at any time whatsoever, which sorta makes the bus less convenient. It is kind of weird when you can read the newspaper extracts (at the end of Zero) and find out that it is all pretty much illegible Engrish when you play on 1920 x 1080 though, for the PC version... Though I'm probably leaning towards the PC version, considering that the digital version is being sold for $9.
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Those things usually aren't meant to be grammatically correct, just to throw the right words into sort of the right order so as to look cool while al the useful content is in the language the target audience actually reads. The Epstein Foundation texts in The 3rd are another example of this. Or, say, the epigraphs on the boxes for the Gagharv games and FC, the loading screen from Ys Eternal...
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Think we need to warn people about this?
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Eh, maybe a footnote. Unlike Sentai marketing the OVA as an adaptation of FC (oops), it's pretty obvious that this will be spoiler-heavy on the face of it and Udon has basically said so. A comment or two about potential spoilers in very general terms maybe but since this is such an exciting bit of news (more Kiseki love) and the artbooks are so awesome I don't want to scare people away from picking them up, on the offhand chance that anyone reads this FAQ in the first place before making a decision. Who knows, we might get more Falcom books in the future if these turn out well and that would be even more awesome.
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Okay, I just posted a breakdown of the artbooks in that topic along with some thoughts on the spoiler potential for anyone who wants to peruse it. The spoiler bits are hidden so if you just want to know what you can expect from the books, it's safe to read as long as you don't highlight anything. This FAQ needs some tightening as it is so I'm not going to be adding my stream of consciousness artbook review to it. The short version is that the Character book is a goldmine of potential spoilers, along with a goldmine of great artwork. The Illustration book, somewhat less so although still there.

Basically, as long as you go in knowing that the books were originally made for people who have beaten the first five games and are okay with the fact that you will definitely encounter spoilers, they're great purchases containing everything you could want in the way of artwork for the first five games, plus lots of fun bonus material.

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For version 2, if one's ever needed (I suppose the day this reaches 500 it will be necessary) it's worth considering having an FAQ within the FAQ (or would that be very frequently asked questions?) because I took some flak recently on the RPG board for deferring to this when it turned out nobody had interest in bothering to read any of it wanting to be spoonfed quick 'at a glance' information about the series, not the history and finer points. While I, myself, feel the 'RTFM' approach is justifiable, the point is this resource has demonstrated having some degree of a lack of practicality. The again, if the intent was not to give pithy answers to quick questions about the series, then I suppose I misunderstood the intent of this.
Go to Gamestop, buy a Steam card, and use it to purchase Ys Origin. You won't be disappointed.
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Well, the main idea was for this to be a general series overview (ie, the history and finer points) but we had a topic on this board by a poster who found it hard to find certain information that was in there so a bit of tightening and better organizing are on the cards for a second version if there is one and a 'quick answers to really frequently asked questions' section at the top wouldn't be a bad idea either.
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Bump and we need to put Yume and Ao Evo on list
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