ideal party and orbment set-up for the last arena battle in the 3rd? *nightmare*

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3 years ago#1
i've been checking out fights on youtube but it seems that the psp version of nightmare mode is harder than the pc version. i could even barely deal any damage with melee in this mode and group attacks aren't doing great either.

any tips on how to beat cassius and lowe? at level 136-137, they are still beating my speed and getting turns fast so it's hard to recover and turn the tide...
3 years ago#2
The PSP game is harder, yes. Lots of little tweaks (though it's a battle much earlier in the game that became truly hair-pulling in the PSP release) which make things a bit different. The PC game doesn't have difficulty settings; Nightmare Arena is just a name letting you know what you're in for. Nightmare Arena in the PSP game on Nightmare difficulty mode now...

Anyhow, you should have more Quartz than you know what to do with by this point (and if you don't, run through The Abyss a few times until you're stocked up) so give everyone Obsidian Orb in order to help counter Cassius and Loewe's speed. Don't spend too much time trying to maintain Max Guard via Arts , between your opponents speed and Crafts you won't be able to (but if you have Kevin, keep 200 CP handy for Grail Sphere).

Do spend time making sure that you have as many buffs on your characters as possible. Have someone capable of using Zodiac and make sure everyone has Clock Up EX active at all times. The STR/DEF/SPD boosts will help a lot. This is one of those rare situations where Chrono Orb is actually useful. Give it to someone like Estelle who can be a dedicated support caster since buffs and healing Arts don't require ATS. The faster you can get those buffs active, the better.

Oh, and if you want to cheat the computer right back, put Richard in your party and give him the Fool's Emblem. It's not quite as good as in the PC game but the SPD boost combined with the 50% boost from the Quartz (and the additional boost from Clock Up) will go a long way toward evening the odds. Give him the Radiant Crown as well (the Star Door 14 reward) if you really want to cheat.

As a last option, if you met the requirements to get it, consider putting Zane in your party and giving him the Divine Mirror. He has enough HP to afford the penalty and the 50% chance to reflect physical attacks is incredibly powerful. If you don't have that Quartz consider using Zane anyways. He has his overpowered self-buff that makes him great at both taking and dealing damage. Just make sure to time it so he uses it after Zodiac, otherwise you'll overwrite those nice 60% buffs with much weaker ones.
3 years ago#3
Use Tita's Orbal Gear craft and use all the buffs you can on her, then Clock Down the enemies. When I did this on Normal difficulty Tita was doing 5-6K damage with regular attacks; it almost felt like cheating.

By "nightmare" do you mean you have the difficulty on Nightmare, or you're just talking about the "nightmare" level on the Arena?
3 years ago#4
I had a very lengthy response started this morning, but pretty much- my opinions were almost identical to Guruda's answer, so I can guarantee that that's all great advice.

Especially the reflect quartz thing, if you managed to get your hand on it. It's amazingly awesome, as well as Zodiac.

The only difference I'd give is use Kevin and three heavy hitting melee party members. The reason for Kevin is to keep his Grail Sphere on hand and ready, then load him up with the Chrono Sphere and the additional quartz to give him the ability to use Zodiac. Once you do that, load up more water, and you should be able to have him as a high speed casting healer on top of support arts user.

This was how I set him for the final battle when I did my nightmare mode run of the game, and I found it incredibly useful, and I would encourage using that config with him for this fight as well.

(I can even look up the exact quartz setup I gave him, if you're really interested in it. Especially because while Guruda doesn't think it's very useful, I found it in this particular setup to be extremely useful and actually kept this for quite a bit in the game.)
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3 years ago#5
@kern - the nightmare mode. not just the arena

@guruda & vorfeed - i'm lost with the quartz and accessories thing. the translation i use differs from your translation of things. care to help me w/c one is the obsidian orb, divine mirror and the likes? i'm using this site and letting the chrome browser to translate
3 years ago#6
Remember this?
3 years ago#7
cloudstrife1ph posted...
@guruda & vorfeed - i'm lost with the quartz and accessories thing. the translation i use differs from your translation of things. care to help me w/c one is the obsidian orb, divine mirror and the likes? i'm using this site and letting the chrome browser to translate

The Japanese for the quartz we're using is:
chrono orb for 刻耀珠 and divine mirror for 神鏡.
(EDIT: Noooo! I can't type Japanese on here! ;_; - I have information on them below.)

Since you're playing on Nightmare itself, I'll go ahead and give you the setup I used for Kevin, which ended up being a life saver in fights (and especially in the final battle):

Set Grail Sphere for his S-Break, first and foremost. Loa and Ur have really high damage output, but they're nowhere near as useful as the emergency 'ohgodhelp' button that is Grail Sphere on S-Break. :D

Line 1:
Slot 1 - Time 5 - Obsidian Orb
Slot 2 - Chrono Orb / Casting 3
Slot 3 - Goldius Orb / EP Use 5
Slot 4 - Sapphirl Orb / ATS 5
Slot 5 - Divine Eye
Slot 6 - Chance Success 2? Opportunity Success? Something idek

Line 2:
Slot 1 - Time 5 - Obsidian Orb (Same from line 1)
Slot 7 - Silver Orb / EP5

This should give you the following counts on each line:
Line 1
Earth 5/Water 21/Fire 13/Wind 8/Time 31/Sky 13/Illusion 10
Line 2
Earth 0/Water 0/Fire 0/Wind 0/Time 20/Sky 8/Illusion 12

As a result, Kevin gets access to a lot of healing and support spells across a bunch of the elements. Because of the Chrono Orb, he's going to lose 15% of his ATS, but using the Sapphirl Orb makes up for it a bit. The only thing to worry about at that point is that he will have lower STR and DEF. Kevin's unenhanced DEF is crazy high (surprisingly so, in fact; Kevin at level 130 has 965 def- which is the same amount as Zane, the preferred tank, and they share the highest number of all 16 characters), though, and you shouldn't be using him for melee on that setup in the first place.

Using this setup on Nightmare, though, gives you the ability to have a healer that can cast all the way up to Tearol and La Tearal almost reliably within one turn, as well as things like Zodiac, Clock Up, A-Crest, etc etc. The only downfall is that he doesn't have the points to have Aseras, which is the upgraded version of Seras, so have plenty of medicines to replace it. Besides, it's beneficial to not have him resurrecting fallen allies: using Grail Sphere and taking advantage of the Max Guard to get someone up and healing them is very important.

In the end, that's kind of become my 'go to' setup for him.

(And I had to look up way too much stuff to get that written up. xD Sorry. :D)

Because my Japanese doesn't display, I pulled it from the post, except for above where I whined about it. :(

Lame. ;_;
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3 years ago#8
@Guruda - silly me. i forgot to backread my own thread. lol

i think i understand now why gamers use richard. i wouldn't realize it till i double checked his craft skills and one stood out (in the pc version it's great but i dunno here...).

@vorfeed - you're set up is same as mine except i don't have cast 3 yet.
3 years ago#9
Ouka Zangetsu (his second S-Craft) is one of the most powerful in the game, I think.

Is Orbal Gear much worse in Nightmare?
3 years ago#10
@kern - the nightmare mode in the psp version is literally a nightmare. 1 melee hit could deal 6000 and up depending on the character. for my level 136-137 characters, they still get 8000 minimum damage per hit so in 2-4 hits, they die...

i tried to use the pushing / knock back technique like on a video of a cassius fight (facility area) i watched which he waste his turn moving forward to the team and push him back again and again but it doesn't work with his arena version having insane speed hence, more turns and beating tita's.

as for the orbal gear, i feel it's more of a burden if you have more than one enemy. tita isn't fast enough in the first place and you are removing her ability to use arts to heal and buff in exchange.
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