What carries over to the next game?

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3 years ago#11
>If the TC wants to know about The 3rd the TC can ask and someone who actually knows what >they're talking about can answer.

What do you mean? The answers I've gotten so far seem pretty good.
3 years ago#12
Well, you weren't asking about the third game and I figured if you wanted to know about it you'd ask. Plus, Vegh button-mashes his way through the games without reading anything (including the one game in the language he's capable of reading) so he really doesn't know anything. You'll quickly realize that 90% of his advice is inaccurate, irrelevant or flat out wrong. That includes his thoughts on The 3rd carryover; levels don't transfer but he keeps saying they do even though we've corrected him multiple times.
3 years ago#13
Oh, ok, I didn't know that. In that case...is there a master list of what carries over from game to game? I plan to play all them in chronological order.
3 years ago#14
No but I can give you a quick one now:

SC: Estelle's level, your Bracer Notebook (BP and quest completion flags as noted)

The 3rd: You'll get an accessory if you reached one of the B ranks and another accessory if you reached A Rank (which is almost but not quite all possible BP). Said accessories are functionally identical to the Gladiator Belt/Band so they're just nice to get for free. Nothing else carries over.

Zero: Nothing, naturally

Ao: Lloyd's level (again within a range), extra Mira based on your Detective Rank, extra bait based on your Fishing Rank, extra relationship poiints and the chance to start with the second level Combo Craft for Lloyd another SSS member of your choice (as long as your file contains the Record for getting their endgame relationship scene) and altered dialogue at certain points based on event flags. I think that covers it.
3 years ago#15
In Ao No kiseki the range is any levels over 45 If he's below level 45 at the end of Zero his level would jump to level 45 (at level 46 to 50) he would start Ao No Kiseki at level 50.

However to even hit levels over 43 in Zero you need to do a 2nd full run of the game.

For Zero to Ao No kiseki to get those level 2 S crafts you need to beat the game as many timse as they are party members in this case 3 times to transfer them over as well.

As for the 3rd while levels don't carry over per se I still had every single SC PC start out at higher levels after they rejoin in the 3rd.

For the mira Zero to Ao transfer at max DP its 20,000 which is well worth it.

If you get max fishing ranks in both Zero and Ao you will be able to buy normal bait yourself (in SC) you must fish up a specific fish late game to do the same
3 years ago#16
Largely inaccurate as usual Vegh. For the edification of Berabouman I'll point out a few.

- Levels in The 3rd are fixed based on when in tbe game a character joins, of course they'll be higher than where you left them in SC.

- You can get all IBC events in a single playthrough with careful juggling of relationship scenes, Records (which those scenes are) are stored in your system data which transcends your specific save files. It's why you can get all the Black Auction achievements on one playthrough.

- You don't need max Fishing Rank to buy bait in Zero or Ao. It doesn't even work that way in Ao.
3 years ago#17
Well in the case of Ao No Kiseki in order to even do the fishing game tournament 1 of 5 NPC's requires very close to the max fishing rank to challenge him.

However until you beat all those NPCs you won't be able to buy the main baits for fishing at all.

In my case I find it very hard to change the hidden effection stats of the other 3 Pc's to get all the level 2 combo S crafts on 1 playthrough so I just beat the game 3 times in a row to do the same.

In Zero's case if you don't have the max fishing rank the bait store only has DX bait if you capture or own 16 different types of fish the remaining baits would need at least 23 to 24 (all fish types caught) to buy them.
3 years ago#18
Just for the record, starting out at level 45 is preferable over starting at level 50 in Ao :/
3 years ago#19
I know however Zero no Kiseki actually has a achievement/battle trophy to get as long as 1 PC hits level 50.

But even at level 50 I first had my 1st Master Quartz in Ao No Kiseki only mastered after that 1 spoiler boss battle the one where you don't get a game over if you lose but only after you knock her helmet off.
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