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3 years ago#1
I absolutely loved this game and have been looking at the FAQs and boards for the other Legend of Heroes games and was wondering if the other ones are just as good as this one was? It has been quite awhile since I played this one, but I remember that when I did play it, I couldn't put it down.

Also does anybody have any suggestions of other games that are similar to this one? I have been looking for new games to play. I have the PSP, PS Vita, 3DS XL, and the Nintendo DS. Just got the new AC:NL game for the 3DS and love it. But anyways, I need suggestions on other games like the Legend of Heroes games.

Thanks in advance everybody.
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3 years ago#2
I'm no expert on the other titles and I'm sure someone will give a more detailed answer, but I think the general consensus is the other LOH titles on the PSP aren't worth playing. The reasons for this include the incredibly poor localization from Namco, which removes all the nuance and personality in the script. Also the games had their battle systems changed to what many consider to be inferior to the original PC versions battle system.

The FAQ also has a more detailed explanation on the Garghav Trilogy(other PSP LOH titles):
Trails in the Sky for the PSP, has the best writing and setting I've seen in a RPG. Please support it so the sequels can come out.
3 years ago#3
okay thanks for the link. That answered my questions very nicely. :)
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