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Is it wise to sell character's equips when they leave the party or... (Archived)Becca104/25/2011
Man XSEED goes above and beyond the call of duty with this stuff... (Archived)
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How does this compare to Ys? (Archived)dezeree74/25/2011
Good Lord !! O_O(Spoilers) (Archived)FFmax94/25/2011
Finished the game, but am still confused on something (Possibe Spoilers) (Archived)MokonaBuny54/25/2011
the box lied to me! (Archived)
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Funniest part in the Game. (Spoiler Alert) (Archived)
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Do you remember your first XSeed purchase? (Archived)
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How do I trigger lost kitten quest? (Archived)oldguy244/25/2011
Finally A Female Protagonist :) (Archived)
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Dear XSEED (Archived)DarkHeroRaven34/25/2011
Wow, I hate this. (Archived)
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Estelle's build after Kloe joins. (Archived)Rammeal74/25/2011
I keep hearing about Lorence's real name.....*no spoilers* (Archived)NeoRayJ64/24/2011
Question about the silvered haired man (spoilers) (Archived)PhoenixxWrong84/24/2011
What the HELL. I just now realized that his name is OLIV I ER and not Oliver. (Archived)Becca104/24/2011
Where's the weapon store in Bose? (Archived)McMarbles84/24/2011
Collecting Liberl News issues? (Archived)Bugfragged1364/24/2011
i cant seem to find Carnelia book chapter 9 any help? (Archived)hitosura2264/24/2011
Ending Suked *Spoilers I think (Archived)
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