The Adventure Quest FAQ/Guide

#21-000Posted 11/5/2007 7:35:49 PMmessage detail
I suggest adding the Awe Weapons to the FAQ.

Don't bother writing up a post, I have already completed one. I will add it if MrExtreme gives me clearance to do so.
#22chunckylover53Posted 11/11/2007 11:29:42 AMmessage detail
Just seen some of your vids idk if this is a stuipd question but are you one of the best players if not the best?
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-000: Sure, go ahead! But how do you add something to the FAQ? Or do you mean just post it here and now?

chunckylover53: There are a lot of good players. About 100 players have reached the max level, and about 200 players in total are legends (lv 120+), but not very many of them are making youtube videos, only me and a few others.

More than 300000 viewers can't be wrong, my Adventure Quest -videos are worth watching! (Or are they? You decide!)
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Well at least MrExtreme has a great music selection( NIGHTWISH RULES!!!) and is a great beastmage.
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If we had a 1000 people reach the cap, they would probably raise it to level 150.
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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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Apparently the Spirit Katana stops becoming more powerful at level 140. I'd be happy about level 150 too, but I doubt they'll raise it 20 levels.

Nope, Spirit Katana stops at 149. =)
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#28-000Posted 11/13/2007 3:57:19 PMmessage detail
I stand corrected. :)
#29darkdragoonflamePosted 11/16/2007 5:44:39 PMmessage detail
can someone tell me what spells are not guardian exclusives,i tried buying the ninja cat spell and i cannot buy it because i am a adventurer
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#30chunckylover53Posted 11/16/2007 6:54:47 PMmessage detail
Will there be more epic sets in the future asguardian is the only one out atm right?