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Well, Frost Elf Attack, Riiiptide, Brilhado Feathers, Ice Nine, Illuminate Ultra, SuperNova and DarkSplatter should be available for adventurers. Please correct me if I'm wrong someone.
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Asgardian is the only epic set so far, yes, but they will probably add more of them eventually.
More than 300000 viewers can't be wrong, my Adventure Quest -videos are worth watching! (Or are they? You decide!)
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I'm not sure about Brilhado Feathers, but yes, those are spells that adventurers can get. some are only obtainable via Z Tokens, so they might take some more time to get for some people.
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I dident see it listed but here it is how to determine what your cap on xp and gold is dident see you post it.This is right from the site

Daily Exp Cap = (Your Character Level X 3500) + 200
Daily Gold Cap = (Your Character Level X 1800) + 200
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I will add some preferences for the uber armors. Something obvious (and already mentioned) but that beginners might want to know:

The Reign Set is the Warrior Uber set. It gives a pretty good boost on attack, but it's defenses are, as already mentioned on this thread, the lowest of the uber armors.

The Shadow Set might be for Rogue characters. It's only my educated guess, because it includes a Spear. So I might be wrong on this one.

The Golden Set is the Mage set. It has melee attack too, but it's low. It's ideal for Spell Casting.

Also, I think some information about Clans should be added. So people know what they will get if they join certain clan. Stuff like that.
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You copied most of that from Zeruel. : )
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I got black attack menu without realising it

I was like. OOOOOOOOOOOK thats is weird it just changed
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I insist about the Clan Info. And someone needs to update the AQ FAQ on the FAQs & Guides area.
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*watches your new vid*

Wow.. just,, wow..
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Great Topic Mr. Extreme, and I must admit, I thought Undead Xyphos to be unbeatable as well, great kill.