How do u get blade of awe?

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9 years ago#1
9 years ago#2
Become a Guardian or X-Guardian.

Find the Rare/Shiny Treasure Chests. The pieces are in them.

After you find all of the pieces, visit Valencia privately. Ask her about the Blade of Awe, and have it assembled.
9 years ago#3
if u go to crossroads, then go to somewhere (thats what the sign says), and keep on doing the quest, u can get the BoW in just a few hours, depending on your level
9 years ago#4
im already an x guardian, lvl 45 and i havent found a single piece ever!
9 years ago#5
I find them occasionally by using the Battle Monsters button.
9 years ago#6
did u try what i said, cuz it worked for me
9 years ago#7
no not yet
9 years ago#8
i tried wat u said and ive only got 1 part left to get thnx
9 years ago#9
Run the haunted house in Granemor. That's where I found all my pieces.
BF2142: Grand_Kaiser (
9 years ago#10
I don't think the haunted house works anymore.
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