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User Info: sarthak889

5 years ago#1
Chevrolette Corvette Z06

Because it reaches a speed of over 350 very quick and faster than any other car.

Its top speed is 402 km/h after full customization

No other car can reach that speed because they need a lot of time to accelerate and till then a turn comes and they have to slow down.

I beated Darius easily using this car

User Info: jennyferj75

5 years ago#2

I beat Darius with the Ford GT.
The Corvette is very nice, but it handles terribly at full speed. It's like I am driving on a sheet of ice. All it does is slip and slide and spin out.

The muscle cars are better for drifting. I use Mustangs for drifting, even if I am representing Exotics or Tuners.

I have Cross' Corvette in Bonus cars and I love drifting it. That car drifts like a dream. I would like to see a NFS game where I race Cross (and he needs a first name) and get that car in career mode. I love its paint scheme also.
Video Games ruined my life. Good thing I have two extra lives.
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