this is a good game

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8 years ago#1
why is this a dead board when this game rocks? I just played it
8 years ago#2
I know I just got it yesterday and I went to check the boards and it is dead. What class are you. Im exotic
8 years ago#3
hey! looks like i'm not the only person that plays this game! I prefer tuners and exotics, hate the muscles.I've beat this game 7-8 times literaly and I found that the best exotic is the mercielago or the carrera and the best tuner is by far the EVO
8 years ago#4

yea my fav is exotic and muscle. i like muscle cuz its kinda challenging and i jus really like the vette

my fav exotic car would have to b gallardo or carrera GT

8 years ago#5
the carrera handles better than the mercielago but the lambo is a little faster I think
8 years ago#6
I heard you can get a Camaro in this game is that true?
8 years ago#7
^^ yea its true
8 years ago#8
Muscle FTW! I love the charger, you need to learn how to handle the cars. The onlything i dont use muscle on is drift and maps with curves.
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  3. this is a good game

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