I got here from the original Japanese version of the 3rd Ace Attorney game

#1MaegordPosted 9/19/2011 7:01:50 PM
According to GameFAQS. These games have similar gameplay mechanics.

Either that, or even the Games You May Like list has learned of my love of ponies.


I wonder if it's still there now.
So, can anyone vouch for the similarities?
Thetruevaldo is bad.
#2DerpyHoovesPosted 10/1/2011 9:35:47 AM
They are vastly different.

In AA3, you collect evidence and then battle Godot in a court of law.

In MLPCP:TRR, you collect bits of worthless crap, and then battle your own boredom you get from playing this game.
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