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7 years ago#1
ok i got the thing sun thing and did what i had to with that ,now i am in the moon area but i cant get the gates to open or anything else plz help if you can
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7 years ago#2
When you enter, there's a button on the floor, you can see it on mini-map as ! mark.
In case it's not what you were asking for, on the top floor of each temple you can find lever.
After pulling it, door leading to solar and lunar tablets will be open and spots of light will appear guiding you to tablet.
Hope it helps
7 years ago#3
If i'm not mistaken you talk to a black hoody guy after you place you sun tablet which your then suppose to go back to the main island HQ and challenge dr snap to a battle.....
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7 years ago#4
Thx, but I'm still missing something, I finished the sun temple, but I can't get to the switch to open the gates in the moon temple.. is there something small that I should've done that I didnt do? I got the sonar panel, but cant get to the lunar one... help?
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7 years ago#5
You're sure you're entering Moon temple? If you go to sun temple and through the mirror, lunar tablet is not accessible. You have to do mission your father has given you (battle with dr Snap) and as reward you'll get access to north celeste. From north celeste you go to into moon temple, then through mirror to sun temple, then to great mirror and finally to top of moon temple. Then you pull lever and follow the spotlights.
7 years ago#6
Ive already beat dr snap & Ive gone in through the blue door into the red temple
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7 years ago#7
there's a lever as you walk in. Just don't go downstairs but through skeleton soldiers and you should find a lever. After pulling it light pots should guide you
7 years ago#8
I'm in the temple of the moon, in the room with the yellow tile, but it won't do anything when I step on it, so what do I need to do in order to get it to work?
fc -3008 4707 8173
7 years ago#9
Did you pull the lever? Spots of light should appear on the floor, just like the Sun Temple.
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7 years ago#10
i dont know what i am not doing .i have done everything you guys have said and i still cant get it
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