Easy Gigantis

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5 years ago#1
Hey guys Gigantis can be used as really good synth material and its a shame that people are tied down to the one in matchmaker. Also on the Faqs it says you make gigantis by drakularge and silvapithecus. But making a drakularge takes a bit of time and effort... So I looked for another way and I finally found it! you can combine silvapithicus with great sabercub to make a gigantis. This is extremely easy because you can just scout both of them.
(to be honest silvapithicus can be combined with a lot of things to make him)
Also Archdemons are good synth material so silvapithicus + headhunter have fun
5 years ago#2
can't you also just find one on infant isle some times?
5 years ago#3
The FAQs only list one or two combinations on how to make most monsters, because it would be nearly impossible to write down all of the possible combos in an easy to read format. Here's a site you can use if you want to see every way to make any monster:


There's a set pattern to which monsters are created through synthesis, but all of the research and explanation of this pattern was lost before topic archival took place.
5 years ago#4
=\ that kinda sucks...
5 years ago#5
You can find one every day at Infant Isle. If you defeat it or capture it, just go back to the scoutpost and rest until the next day. It disappears at night for some reason though...
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5 years ago#6
I don't believe there's any 'one per day' limit on the Gigantes - he's just a normal Rare Spawn. Catching two in a row would require some seriously tremendous firepower, though... would probably be smarter to synthesize the first one into something else (Boss Troll, Atlas, Pazuzu comes to mind) before you try to catch a second one.
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