Favorite Move

#1VegetaUSSJ6Posted 7/3/2009 5:32:59 PM
Hi guys, what's your favorite special move of Saint Seiya Hades?

Here is my Top 5:

1) Lightning Plasma - Leo no Aiolia
2) Golden Triangle - Gemini no Kanon
3) Galaxian Explosion - Gemini no Kanon, Gemini no Saga & Gemini no Saga Spectre
4) Galactica Illusion - Aiacos
5) Aurora Execution - Aquarius no Camus
#2EnaikeiPosted 7/11/2009 2:08:50 PM
Galaxian Explosion, Another Dimension, Golden Triangle, Lightning Plasma, Atomic Thunderbolt.

Of course, there are a ton of great moves but those are my top selection.
#3theboarPosted 7/15/2009 2:42:30 PM
Excalibur, Aurora Execution, Stardust Revolution, Rozan 100 Dragons Force, and Galaxian Explosion

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