Ragelope, this is my forest mother trucker.

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Lol, so i've been reading topics on the terrible ragelopes of b2 and the faq says "Avoid them like the plague" but there was one in my way of advancing so, i went to the inn. I saved. I healed. Then i went and engaged it. I used poison on my alch and defended for 3 turns =) Ragelope got owned.
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Poison is a pretty good skill to have. Just don't get Venom at the same time. And don't bother with Toxins past Level 1 since you already got Poison.

Actually the better pick would have been Venom. But eh. Poison does the job in the first Stratum. You can just get one of those other hit all spells for the 2nd Stratum when Poison's single target effect is going to drag your Alchemist down and spending points in Venom when you already have Poison is just going to choke your Alchemist later on.
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Poison is a pretty good skill to have for the first two strata.


Poison's effectiveness disappears pretty quickly after B11F.
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Regular enemies in the third strata can still be killed and regularly hit by Venom/Poison in a single turn. It's only in the Fourth Strata that enemies start having more than 255 HP on the average and less than 40% Ailment Resist (which will cause Poison to actually have a chance to miss) if I'm not mistaken the enemies on the 18th floor are immune to ailments or at least will cause Poison to miss.

Really this misconception about the Poison is because most people pick Poison over Venom. Obviously Poison becomes useless even as early as the second strata because it's a single target spell that takes an entire turn to work.

Especially since Tier 1 and Tier 2 deal immediate damage plus have a rather decent initiative modifier. Compared to Poison which only deals damage at the end of the turn.

But comparing Venom and the Tier 3 Elemental spells, they work at almost the same speed. Tier 3 and Venom have the same incredibly low initiative modifier. Tier 3 spells usually end up at the bottom of the turn order thanks to how slow they are and the Alchemist being in the group of characters that have the second lowest AGI only passing the Hexer.

So the turn would have ended anyway after the Tier 3 is cast. Meaning there's no real difference with regard to the moment damage is dealt by Tier 3 spells compared to Venom's end of turn damage.

"We're talking about the powers of the dead, here. It doesn't have to make sense."
That's the way to stick it to 'em Capcom!
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