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6 years ago#1
for some reason lattely i cannot get on the EA network to multiplayer on this game. plus when i try and patch the game past 1.2 it doesnt work. help.
6 years ago#2
EA Online has been plagued with problems when it comes to Need For Speed (among other things). I've only been able to race online once or twice in the past, even with the game patched up to the most recent version at the time. I just content myself with playing through the story every once in a while now. You might try getting in touch with EA Support and seeing if they can offer any suggestions, but I'm not sure they're fully supporting Carbon any longer.

Ordo Ab Chao
6 years ago#3
I think i had (emphasis on had) your problem. Try: 1 Trying to log in to NFS online (multiplayer, whatever you want to call it) then minimizing the game and seeing if Windows blocked the access. Sometimes it will do this thinking it is a program/virus trying to get access to the internet to download viruses. I hope this helps. But if that doesn't work, try making another account on need for speed itself and using that one. Hope this helps.
6 years ago#4

yea i did both of these. when i contacted EA they told me it might be a router problem or something to do with my connection to the is that all about. my connection is running perfectly.

6 years ago#5
In that case it may be that the port on your router (if you have one) that Carbon needs is blocked. If the router has a "Gaming Mode", try turning that on, as it will open the most commonly used ports for online gaming. Otherwise, ask EA Support what router port Carbon uses and check to ensure that its open.

If you don't have a router, ignore the above and just blame EA's shoddy online gaming network, which really isn't that great.

Ordo Ab Chao
6 years ago#6

router is working at max, i just cant play with anyone online. i can succesfully lgin so maybe the server was down for a FEW WEEKS. but still.

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