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User Info: Excalipuf

6 years ago#1
Atm im using a mitsubishi tier 3 tuner car with all the racing upgrade parts.

but i barely win vs Wolf Angie Kenji 2 sprint races, and when i do Darius just totally own me on the circuit 2 lap race.

i cant unlock the cars via canyon duel too hard for my driving skills, only one i could unlock was the mitsubishi.

which car you guys used vs the stacked deck boss races? i maybe should use a muscle due to the amazing speed but i cant handle the lack of handling.

User Info: Excalipuf

6 years ago#2
I got the mercedes benz , i can win the 3 first races now but the high speed and lack of handling (my car drifts a lot even at 240km) i cant win the canyon duel v_V

note when i buy performance cards i dont adjust to torque drift grip or etc coz i dont really know about that

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