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User Info: guitarhero654

8 years ago#21
I'll be hosting once I get my xbox back. Which will be in a few days.

Gamer Tag: II r0xy II
Number of Players: 16
Upload Speed: No idea. Guessing 1mbps
Map Rotation: All (EXCEPT HYDRO)
Nights/week: 7
Typical Time Window: Mostly 4:00PM - 2:00AM EST(Depends on school and other things)

I rarely boot no-micers unless I need to get a friend in or they absolutely suck :P.
TF2 is fun on a bun.
GT: II r0xy II (It's my dog damn it)

User Info: breed101

8 years ago#22
This is some great stuff! Even though my upload sucks (i live in australia) I think that what you guys are doing here is great!
Oh my god, who touched sasha?
WHO TOUCHED MY GUN!! - heavy weapons guy TF2

User Info: macDBH

8 years ago#23
2009 is just around the corner... ill still be playing TF2.

any other hosts??

War is Politics

User Info: DeathWiIIDie

8 years ago#24
Gamer Tag: DeathWillDie
Number of Players: 16
Upload Speed: 3.0 Mbps
Map Rotation: Mainly 2 Fort
Nights/week: 5
Typical Time Window: 5 PM - 8 PM PST
Other Information:
GT: DeathWillDie

User Info: davey0110

8 years ago#25
I (TheWeaselFee) will be playing OB forever.
3 678 9

User Info: jestsman5ian

8 years ago#26
XBL: Assassins Imc
Playing: Gears of War 2 Horde Mode
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