Best Characters to use

#1NazarLeokasPosted 1/21/2009 4:41:27 PM

Sword Fighter: Jeanne

(Bertrand has more Dmg than Jeanne but Jeanne has more Mp more Mag Def+atc+5 times transform+She is Cute)

Spear Fighter: No doubt----->> Gilles (All the way better than Jean)

Axe Fighter (Tank) : Fufus ofc. Most Hp,Most Attack power and Most Def in the game. All u have to do is give him a Mobility+2 or Mobility+3. After level 35 with mobility +1 u will find out how important he really is. at level 99 he has almost 1400 Hp with Hp+300. With Attack 700 u can almost kill everyone with 1 hit and Godspeed to the next target.

Thief: Colet. Colet has skill Four Hits. that really kills. He has more Attack+Hp than Rose. But rose has more Evade and magic Def. It;s all up to u which one u want to use. i prefer Colet.

Mage/Healer: Richard. Most Magic attack and Magic Def.

Bow Fighter: I prefer Marcel, More hp More Dmg done.

Gears u need for actually All chars u have.: Mobility+2/3, Three/Twee Rounds,Hp Recovery 3,Hp+150/300

(Why i take Mobility+? It makes the fight much faster. and if ur Ranger or Mage getting in range with enemie,it goes pretty have for them to survive excapt u have two healers around. With Mob+ u can always run away then use heal or just item to keep urself up)

Rest of the chars are not that interesting. I have leveled them all to level 99.

Best way that i leveled rest of my chars From 50-99:

After Voldor Temple is opened. I take my Main Tank Rufus to tank the dragon. Give him Dragon Slayer,Hp recovery 3,Hp+150. Healing wind 2. Let him tank the dragon and ofc also dps the dragon. Leave the rest of ur 4 chars on the otherside of dragon and dont forget to give them also Hp recover 3, Exp Bonus 4 and Frame or other Area skill. Exp Bonus 2 can be farmed in Chalon. 4 of it can make a Exp bonus 4. Thats it.

Sorry for my english. And all i wrote are just my opinions. I just hope this will help some Jean D arc Funs.

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Reading what you wrote really triggered my sweet memories when I played the game last year! I agreed with what you said. A very complete analysis and useful guide for all!
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Thanks a lot mate.
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Thanks, I just started playing the game and this helped me out to choose what my team will be.

^^I'm in love with...a girl named after love.
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BTW. Give ur attack+ Fruit all to Rufus. MagAttack+Fruit to Richard if u like. they will help u a lot.
#6dlocenotPosted 2/1/2009 11:00:01 PM
Is there any Evade+ fruit? I can't remember. If yes, give it to Colet.
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I have beaten the game already but I still don't have the character Rose. Where and when do you get Rose?

#8dlocenotPosted 2/16/2009 11:32:08 PM
Refer to the walkthrough/faq guide.
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Great guide TC. Sure to help new users..
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Dunno about you guys but I use Jean instead of Gilles. Maybe it's just preference. I really don't use transformations that much so I don't really care if the character I'm using is an armlet wielder or not. Peace.