Looking for Armlet Gem info....

#1GraiskyePosted 9/4/2009 2:16:56 PM
Howdy, alright I found the posts regarding the Gems, but the problem is that there is no longer a usable link to the picture/chart describing all the various gems and where/when you get them.
So I was hoping maybe someone knew of a new link or had a copy of it they could send me or re post at tinypic or something.
#2venom3384Posted 9/16/2009 1:01:41 PM
Bump, I'm really looking for that info too.
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#3venom3384Posted 10/6/2009 9:41:13 AM
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#4mdfmkrules9999Posted 10/13/2009 4:18:50 PM
darklao's faq has a list of all the gems and where to get them, if that's all you're looking for.