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8 years ago#1
When you play insane mode do you:

1. Gain more exp per kill? (ex. If i killed a barbarian in insane mode would i gain more exp from killing him then i would from killing one on normal mode?

2.can you find higher level weapons in insane mode like lvl 30+ weapons?

Thanks :D
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8 years ago#2
oh and sorry for double posting but what is the recommended level I should be when i start insane mode?
XBL GT: xFaTaLiTyyy
PSN: xFaTaLiTyx07
8 years ago#3
1. XP is based on damage dealt, and Insane mode enemies have more health, indeed MUCH more health. Therefore, yes, you get more XP, in a way. It's harder to survive alone though.
2. I dunno lol
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8 years ago#4
I haven't found any new weapons in Insane Mode, yet.

All I can say is the only way to cruise through Insane Mode is to already have a rock solid strategy for fighting every type of enemy (light armored archers, heavy armors, large grapplers, heavy armor grapplers, and the bosses). Otherwise you're going to get wiped out for making mistakes due to how everything hits you for 90+ damage
8 years ago#5
ok thanks for the info. does anybody else know if you can get higher level weapons in insane mode?
XBL GT: xFaTaLiTyyy
PSN: xFaTaLiTyx07
8 years ago#6
How do you get insane mode?
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8 years ago#7
I'm solving a different question...
8 years ago#8
Question: If you just beat the game and put your guy in insane mode, is there anyway of getting him back to normal mode without reseting him?
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8 years ago#9
Yes, to enter insane mode you actually go there through a cave in the world map, to go back to normal mode you go back through that cave.
8 years ago#10
What cave? tell :3
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