How do you kill that cat thing?

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8 years ago#1
The one that fires lazors from it's eyballs?
8 years ago#2
you can do jump attacks and knock bad guys into it or you can use magic

magic is much easier
8 years ago#3
if you shot lazorz from your eyeballs, i'd shoot you in the eye with an arrow and then pump you full of magics!!*

*note. this is not a tip. (yes it is)
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8 years ago#4
If I used magic, haaa. I used melee.
8 years ago#5
Heavy arrows ownage!

I have a Thief lvl 12 with 4 pts in magic, the rest in Agility.

He didnt last all..
8 years ago#6
Keep shooting him with arrows, easy peasy.
8 years ago#7
Jump towards the cat. You can spam a ton of attacks before you fall. It makes the battle a lot easier.
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8 years ago#8
Yeah lennon, that's what I did lol. Way easier.
8 years ago#9
A cat is a distinct animal.

I believe what you are referring to is a "troll."
8 years ago#10
And you'd be wrong.

If you haven't noticed, this game is filled with giant cats.
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  3. How do you kill that cat thing?

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