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8 years ago#1
I'm using a level 50 red night and I've found that if I hit enemies with an x,x,x,y,y combo the last two hits are electrical based and do much more damage than a regular attack.

It only works if you hit an enemy with every hit. I'm not holding RT when it happens.

Has anyone else found combos like this that have magical effects?
8 years ago#2
Is this the XXYY combo that you unlock at level 32? I don't remember being able to do it before that (with Green Knight, he does exactly what you say when you do XXXYY), but I did it after. If so, did they put the wrong combo up on the screen?
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8 years ago#3
I can do it with my level 25 green knight I'm going to try it with other characters now.

The x,x,y,y combo does a headbutt attack for me, not a magic one.
8 years ago#4
yeah, when you reach lvl 50, you get the xxxyy. i use the blue knight. the first y freezes the enemy, and the last one does this flying spinning headbutt that launches you across the screen and hits the enemies a bunch of times.
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8 years ago#5
I also have a level 25 gray knight but he can't do the magic attack. It seems like x,x,x,y must be a combo that you get before 25 because my green knight can do a magic combo, but he can't do the spin attack yet. I don't understand this. Maybe because the gray knight doesn't really use magic he can't use the combo.

The x,x,x,y,y combo you get at 50 must let you do the spin attack.

Are there any other combos that use magic?
8 years ago#6
I don't think levels determine magic combos, but if you level your magic to lv 4 or whatever the level before the RT+A is, you have access to xxxyyy
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8 years ago#7
If the Grey Knight is anything like the Periwinkle Knight then his x,x,x,y combo just deals a lot of damage. My normal attacks do about 20 damage and when I do x,x,x,y the last hit does around 130.
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8 years ago#8
Sorry for double post, but I should add that my Periwinkle Knight is around lvl 30.
Have you ever gone to your room, lay down in bed, look up at the night sky and think to yourself, "HEY! Where's my roof!?"
8 years ago#9
im assuming periwinke and the normal grey knight are different...
who do you get the periwinkle knight?
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8 years ago#10
You get the periwinkle by beating the volcano arena.

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