Unlcoking door at back of animal house?

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User Info: mike468

8 years ago#1
Can anyone tell me how to unlock the door at the back of the animal house, and what I get for doing so?
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User Info: OldSchoolRPGs

8 years ago#2
You need the Gold Key Sword to unlock it. You get another pet when you open it.
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User Info: Feenux19

8 years ago#3
Do the full moon level with the cardinal pet, it'll get you a gold key weapon, use it to destroy the lock. You get a new pet.
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User Info: WubbaBubba

8 years ago#4
Cardinal, Full Moon level. Don't wanna spoil it for ya.
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User Info: Mattnocash

8 years ago#5
Take the cardinal to the Full Moon level. On the second cliff going up the cardinal will fly into the little hut and grab it for you.
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User Info: mistershoeshine

8 years ago#6
You need the cardinal from the instrustrial castle

from there go to full moon. Enter one of the huts and the cardinal will get you a key weapon.

Use the key weapon to destroy the lock.
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User Info: Stevis

8 years ago#7
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  3. Unlcoking door at back of animal house?

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