Saracen's Tornado?!

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8 years ago#1
Does the Saracen's Tornado Attack really suck this bad?

I have his Magic all the way up to level 25, and it only does 2 damage per hit! That's just aweful...

Also, his R+B magic attack (Sand Blast) only does like 14 damage (at level 25 magic). That's pretty shameful as well, haha.

Unless there's something strangely wrong with my game, I think we just figured out who the worst character is. o.O
8 years ago#2
Bear > Saracen
Random NPC
MGO: Steve Harvey
8 years ago#3
Does his tornado do more damage? If so, how much at its highest level (that's what I use to compare)?

8 years ago#4
8 years ago#5
Don't forget that Y magic gets better when your magic equals 30, so try equipping a magic weapon and/or pet. Still, both the Saracen and the Bear have pretty weak Y magic. At least Saracen's airY is a sand blast and not another tornado, unlike the Bear.
Godot is pleased. |D
8 years ago#6
Definitely more than 2, I think its around 20. Plus you can use it for like 30 seconds! xD (not really that long, but pretty frickin long)
Random NPC
MGO: Steve Harvey
8 years ago#7
Maybe strength has something to do with it because when you fight the final boss the tornado attack is classified as a physical not a magical attack. Just putting it out there.
8 years ago#8
No, actually the Saracen's Y-Air attack is another Tornado Attack. =(

His B-Air attack is used like everyone else's Y-Air attack, which is pretty cool, but he has NO distance. But, in his case, that's okay since he has the controllable Tornado Attack. I guess you could say his Y attack and B attacks are kind of switched, because his B attack is, more or less, a spread attack, where as his Y is (considered) a ranged attack. Still, all in all, his magic seems very weak (refer to my first post).

I have his Magic stat at 25, Eye of Beholder pet (+2 Magic), and the Black Mace equipped(+6 Magic). I dunno, I guess he's just that pathetic...=\

If this is the case, then they did a terrible job on this character...he could have been really good too!
8 years ago#9
That's actually very likely. The magic stat probably just affects how long the tornado lasts.
Godot is pleased. |D
8 years ago#10
I tried adding a weapon that gives him +2 Strength, but it is still only doing 2 damage at level 25 Magic.

I'm going to try leveling up his Strength about half way (level 12 or 13) to see if that has any effect at all...I guess I'll get back to you.
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