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8 years ago#1
couple random questions

has anyone tried to figure out what the %proc is?

ive seen it proc on the boomerang and the bears tornado - has anyone seen it proc on the bow or bombs?

can it proc on the XXXY hit? a 900 damage crit would be quite ftw o_O
8 years ago#2
so are these boards only for joke threads and people asking the same dumb questions over and over?
8 years ago#3
Ever think maybe we don't know?
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8 years ago#4
is anyone else interested? have theories? have other thoughts about crit procs?
8 years ago#5
critical hits only occur when you have a weapon equipped that's capable of critical hits.

if you go to the blacksmith and view the weapon attributes, the weapons capable of critical hits have a little cracked stone icon at the bottom of the listed attributes. other weapons have special attributes as well. the candle has chance of fire (hence the fire symbol on the attributes) and the lightsaber has chance of electricity.

not sure what the % of chance for crit damage is, but if you have the crit damage weapon equipped, ive found it to hit a couple of times every hundred hits or so.

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8 years ago#6
I don't think its by %. I personally think its just out of random. Cause sometimes ill get it like maybe twice in a row, and then i won't get it til like next level lol
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8 years ago#7
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8 years ago#8
Wow, TC is an ass.
Q- if Satan is the prince of darkness, who's the king?
A- UbberDevil, and Sparda is my Queen.
8 years ago#9
its never a fixed number or completely random. its all the programming and math of the proc.

say a weapon has 30% chance to do critical damage. every time u hit an enemy with that weapon a program generates a number 1-100. lets say that if the number lands 1-30 it gives a critical hit. if it lands on 31-100, it does not. thus giving you a 30% chance to hit with critical damage.
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8 years ago#10
TC is an ass.

asking a really stupid question & people trying to help after his topic almost died.
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