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User Info: skiter15

8 years ago#1
Hey today on my front door i had a package with 2 figures in it a green and a red knight...i have no idea where they came from i did not purchase these....the only idea i have of where they came from is that when it was release i rember taking a quiz on here and the gamespot fellows were giving them to winner...any idea if im right here or what? the adress was from cali or something i beleive no names or anything on the box and no letter inside.

User Info: SSKakashi

8 years ago#2
if you dont want them can I have them?
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User Info: pyroskyler

8 years ago#3
Pics or it didn't happen.
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User Info: rinzero

8 years ago#4
I'll take them off your hands for you.
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User Info: SSJGrimReaper

8 years ago#5
Now you have to put on a princess costume to make them kill each other.
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User Info: Xearodeath

8 years ago#6
dude ill buy those off you, if you dont want those, but if you do keep them, there cool :)

User Info: Xarathion

8 years ago#7
The Behemoth site has them.

Yub Yub

User Info: Ork_Hero

8 years ago#8
They're all sold out
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User Info: Sir-Marth

8 years ago#9
Yeah... I was going to get them, but the 40 shipping killed it.
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