Local multiplayer with Guests??

#1VelcroBPPosted 8/3/2010 9:51:07 AM
Showed this game to some friends at a party the other night and everyone there loved it. Half of them bought it immediately or the very next day. Two of them are roommates and share one Live Gold account. Their house is also where we congregate the most for local multiplayer shenanigans. It would be ideal if 1 player was able to sign into the Gold Live profile, and the other "guests" would be able to pick other unlocked characters from that profile. When we tried, the guest is not able to select anything when joining other than the other Live Silver profiles that are on his Xbox. This won't due as we won't be able to play without everyone being at this one house. Is it even possible to share one profile on local multiplayer? I've read that you are supposed to be able to play as Guests on Live in the same fashion, so why not local? This game is so amazingly addictive, and having 6-7 friends who all are equally into it and able to play mix and match session regardless of whose home we happen to be at would mean we could all be constantly levelling and experimenting with/unlocking different characters/playstyles, greatly extending the replay appeal.