How do I map the (skills) e.g. #'s 1-0?

#1McGuirex3Posted 6/4/2009 10:38:48 AM
I prefer using the (left or right-mouse button's) to move the in-game camera horizontally, but their also used I think for spells and the like. So how can I use the number-keys 1--0 for example (as the opitons/keyborad) menu suggest) for my skills/casting spelles? Again so as to free-up left/right mouse buttons? Or I'm I just getting that part all wrong?! Thanks in advance for your reply! Happy-gaming all!!!!!!!

P. S. This game is a little old-school, (and that's not always a bad thing), just the same, I think I'm starting to like it. I do however wish I could see a little farther down the road if you get my meaning?!! Anyway I look forward to your reply!