Does anyone still play this game?

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6 years ago#1
I just picked it up about last month. Went for a Villain/Archer (forgot what it's really called) build. I've finished the game and am using an Archmage this time and finding the game about 4 times easier.
- Yours truly
6 years ago#2
Hi There,

I'm actually playing through the demo right now. I hope you don't mind if I share my lengthy impressions, but it seems a bit quiet in this forum, and since this is my first post I thought I'd make it a good one.

After reading the Gamespot review I wasn't sure what to expect, but for the most part I've found the game to be a visually appealing, fairly solid hack n' slash RPG. The visuals are pretty good the wavy grass reminds me of Titan Quest and the buildings, NPC's and weapons have all been rendered well. I particularly like the way each enemy has their own personality in combat. The goblins dance around with a maniacal glee and zombies progressively lose limbs as you slash away at them. Spell effects are nice to look at as well. Being able to light up the environment around you with Luna as your guide/cursor is a plus.

I found the simplified 'paths' tree to be appealing; I initially started with a battle mage, which turned out to be pretty fun, hurling fireballs and performing combat leaps. For most fantasy games I prefer caster roles, so right now I'm giving the arch mage path a try.

I do feel though that the game is held back by a number of smaller issues which, when combined, contribute to a larger detraction of the game experience. Since you have the full version of the game, perhaps you can tell me if any of these issues have been resolved.

1. Camera view I would really appreciate the ability to rotate the camera by moving my mouse pointer to the edge of the screen, but right now it appears that the only way to do it is by hitting the middle mouse button. This feels awkward and rather time consuming, and since I'm eventually going to reassign this button to a spell, I'd hate to think that every time I want to re-orient the camera I'd have to reassign my mouse button once again, move the camera and then assign the button back to an action or spell.

2. Buttons speaking of buttons, is there anyway to assign spells and actions to your number keys? Right now it looks like the only assignable buttons are those on the mouse, which seems limited, especially considering all the spells and special attacks you'll accumulate as the game goes on.

3. Interface and Mouse Responsiveness I love the fact that the text is large and readable at 1920x1200. A lot of RPG's make the text and icons so tiny that it's almost impossible to read them comfortably. Legend is very easy on the eyes in this regard. I've noticed however that my mouse cursor movement (particularly in menus) feels a bit sluggish, and that you have to click the mouse cursor in just the right spot in order to select dropped items and conversational responses. In many cases I have to click 2 or 3 times to get it right.

4. Miscellaneous Well, the demo doesn't allow you to create individual profiles, so trying out more than one path combination means starting the demo from scratch, another big annoyance. I'm not sure why the developers would strip that functionality out of the demo, particularly since new players will want to try different path combinations to get a feel for the scope of the game. The voice acting is solid, but in many cases you can tell they recorded the dialogue without giving consideration to the context in which it was being spoken. As a result, you get the impression that our main hero is either emotionally insensitive or just not listening to the people he's interacting with.

5. Gamespot Review Lastly, I thought I should mention that the Gamespot reviewer never should have tried to jump through all of those technical hoops just to get the game to work in the first place. Although he was ultimately successful, you really get the sense that he begrudged the effort, and his resentment really seems to permeate the review. If the developers were unwilling or unable to correct the issue, it would have been prudent not to review the title until the issue was resolved. This may seem a bit drastic, but based on the abysmal score the game received, that might have been preferable anyway.

Thanks for reading my reply! I'd love to hear any thoughts you have about this game, especially since you've already played it once through.
6 years ago#3
Game is also buggy, buggy in the game breaking sense. On my Scout (Villian/Archer) playthrough, I could kill off 90% of my enemies with a bug that I discovered on my own that could 1-shot any opponent. On the times that it didn't work, I'd just run around in a small circle for a running start and do it again.

To think that skill is an early game skill. No need to acquire any hacked items or do any cheats of the sort. I guess the programming of the said skill was not thoroughly done.

Another bug that I discovered is the ability to loot a chest multiple times. Or rather have it spew it's contents multiple times. I discovered this on my Archmage (Magic/Healer) play through.

Archmages are ridiculously broken. Like hell!

And I'm the kind of RPG gamer who, may identify and want to discover bugs, but won't want to abuse them.

About the buttons, yes you can have them mapped to different skills, a la Diablo II. Open the list as if assigning a skill to the mouse button then push a number as you hover your cursor over it.

From: calstretch | #002
and that you have to click the mouse cursor in just the right spot in order to select dropped items and conversational responses. In many cases I have to click 2 or 3 times to get it right.

Yes. Hate that very much. Especially for a fighter-type character. While you're hacking and slashing and wanting to use one of your skills (perhaps via right or middle click), mashing the button does you no good. It's killed me like 4 or 5 times already. The mouse buttons don't make it so that you can make split second, highly risky moves that are really cool. Seems you'll have to play extra safely... heal when you're life goes below 50% and such.

If you want me to rant about the bugs, let me know.
- Yours truly
6 years ago#4

Thanks for your reply. I was playing a bit of the demo this morning, and it occured to me that what really makes this game stand out is it's polished visuals and nice combat animations. The music is rather nice as well, and think these three aspects combined kept me interested in the game for a while.

Unfortunately, a host of little things keep bringing the game down - the imprecise and unresponsive mouse clicking issue, the strange inventory system, the awkward buy and sell windows, the bad voice acting and a number of other game mechanics conspire to make the game more of a chore than it should be. It's too bad really - had more time been spent polishing this game and ironing out all the little bugs it would really have stood out.

Have you tried Din's Curse? It's an indie game that follows the Diablo archetype just like Legend: Hand of God. Although Din's Curse doesn't have the same sort of retail polish that Legend has, it really gets the core aspects of action RPG playing just right. I've really been enjoying the demo.

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