The End

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User Info: Racso0001

9 years ago#1
This has lasted long enough.

You have been proven a traitor, traitor.

I apologise to everyone on this board for what has gone on. It was never my intention for things to escalate as they did. I do not, however, take back my thoughts, or any of the comments i have made (read : especially the two i got modded for in the traitor's apparent 'reconciliation' thread - Kekeke).

If the traitor continues to lulz@ghostpost, or ATTEMPT to troll either myself, or abaddon, or even anyone else on this board, then i will return with all the intentions i have right nao.

This shall be my last post to you - unless, of course, you decide to 'renew' your phailings.

All it will take is one, soiltary post from you.

~You have been warned.
''But this guy, unlike your average YT troll, knew how to hit below the belt, I have to say.'' Y THANQ KIND SAGE

User Info: Tacos_FTW

9 years ago#2
I have a feeling this isn't the end. <_<

*barrel rolls away from upcoming ****storm*
The username says it all
Ignore is for the weak- Dreamlancer

User Info: fudrick

9 years ago#3
*constructs additional pylons therefore allowing booya to use the boost to get through even though the balls are inert*
wow thanks for creating this topic now i'll know where to find you in 4 months
-TiM-masterwumpus, left GameFAQS 9/26/07

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